Friends of the Forest

Center for Human Development

Our work is directed in such a way as to explore levels and states of consciousness to provide a greater harmony; the perception of the whole, both inside and outside oneself and the awareness of the relation among everything in the planet as a totality.

We also plan to expand in the disclosing of experimental holistic sciences and experimentation in conjunction with ayahuasca sessions - which respects and is aligned with the natural laws and promote a more organic use of the energy available within us.

We have a therapeutical approach in promoting health, healing, creativity and the use of the energy potential of each one.

It is a microcosm in which we are able to empty ourselves of our everyday worries and concentrate in the inner work of expansion and liberation.

The centre works with ayahuasca prepared in the rain forest as well as Jurema, Haoma, and other combinations used in different tribes carrying the ayahuasca compounds.


Autumn/Winter 98/99 program

Unio-Mystica 1

The awakening

This workshop will explore:

he train__ Esoteric science: We will experience every centre of energy of the body(Chakras), one by one, and what underlay on them (feelings, defences, strategies, childhood, grounding, ego, fears, blocks, etc.) that have a great influence in our everyday life; We will learn to recognize them in ourselves and on others.

__ Healing: The energy blocks in the Chakras with Aura-Soma and ayahuasca

__ Aura reading

__9 ayahuasca sessions - own process (in conjunction with Esoteric science to explore each layer of the aura )

__ Shamanism

__ Different sort of rituals

__Ayahuasca history and different traditions

 This workshop is for beginners and will take place at Friends of the Forest, in Amsterdam.

Cost for this workshop: FL. 4500,00 (or three monthly payment of FL.1600,00)

Schedule: Every Monday/Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30Am till 12:30 Am (three and a half months all together, with some holidays in between for integration)

This workshop will begin February 1st , 99.



 Unio-Mystica 2

Plants as teachers

This workshop is for people who likes to deepen their knowledge concerning the plants as teachers as well as their interaction and processes for human development. (Participants must have attended to Unio-Mystica 1)

This workshop will explore:

__ 9 ayahuasca sessions - own process (psychedelic therapy)
__ Some chemistry
__ Some botany
__ Belief System
__ Working with people
__ Ayahuasca contra-indications
__ Effects and mental processes with ayahuasca
__ Helper-assistant during Friends of the Forest rituals

Cost for this workshop - FL. 4500,00 (or three monthly payment of FL.1500,00)

Schedule: Every Monday/Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30Am till 12:30 Am (three and a half months all together, with some holidays in between for integration)

Dates will be displayed .


 The Shaman


Professional program: Training for people who wants to guide psychedelic sessions (participants must have attended to Unio-Mystica 1 and 2)

This Training will explore:

__ Ayahuasca therapy - own process
__ Effects and mental process with ayahuasca - (follow up)
__ Neuro-science
__ Different sets and applications
__ Doses and effects
__ Transpersonal therapy
__ PEP- Peak experience Questionnaire analysis
__ Run a session
__ Ayahuasca preparation

cost for this training - FL.6000,00 (or three monthly payment of FL.2000,00)

Schedule: Every Monday/Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00Am till 12:00 Am (three and a half months all together, with some holidays in between)

Dates will be displayed in 1999

 Experimental Self-help program for drug addiction treatment


Friends of the Forest offers

self-help program for drug addiction treatment including heroine, cocaine, MDMA, alcohol and others.

The treatment takes four months and it costs FL. 3000,00 p/month


Ayahuasca Rituals


September 18th - Mantras

October 2nd - Forest Journey

October 30th - Trance journey

November 13th - Depth of silence

November 27th - Mantras

December 4th - Heart Journey

December 12th - Forest Journey

January 15th - Trance journey

January 29th - Forest Journey

February 12th - Depth of silence

February 26th - Mantras


Forest Journey: During this mystic journey, we will explore the music from the different tribes in the forest of South America, while they drink ayahuasca and Jurema. Yatra will be singing songs, which have been channeled through her during her Ayahuasca path.

Heart Journey: We will play and sing heart music to promote relaxation and cosmic expansion, allowing you to enter your heart space more easily. This is the perfect session for those who like it quieter.

Trance journey: A great session for the young crowd during which we will play ambient psychedelic music, made by people of the subculture from here and now, opening the doors to integrate the youth European music and culture to the path of the "Plants of the Goods".

The Power of Mantras: During this mystic journey, we will explore the believe system of the East. We will start with Nadabrahma meditation and we will sing mantras for the rest of the night, bringing the beauty of the Eastern Gods into our journey.

Depth of silence: This journey will be a diving into the depths of being through silence, with only a few songs to invoke the healing forces when needed. We will take only people who have gone through other rituals before and are acquainted with ayahuasca dimensions.

Sharing and integration: Those sessions will take place on the day after the rituals where you will have the opportunity to share your own experience and listen to those of other people to bring light and integration into your own transformational process. Place and time will be given at the end of the rituals.

Cost: The rituals in Amsterdam costs FL.100,00 p/person p/ritual and it will take about 6 hours.

Ayahuasca Retreat in the Forest of Brazil
(with FoF’s team)

The alchemy of transformation through expansion of consciousness will take place in Osho Lua community center from October 13th till 22nd, 1998.
The center is located in the beautiful Chapada valley, in the state of Goias, in the heart of Brazil, about 4:00 from Brasilia by car and another hour or so by foot.
Fortunately the valley has not been spoiled and the pollution has not arrived there as there are no roads to the valley. There are rivers with many beaches and waterfalls through the luxurious green in the forest valley.

In this 9 days of tribal and shamanic communion, we will explore:
__ Entheobotany - Plants of Power (ayahuasca)
__ Shamanic journeys
__ Connecting self, nature and spirit
__ Integration of the higher self
__ Alignment of subtle bodies
__ Divine Healing
__ Aura soma
__ Diet and Nutrition
__ Meditations
__ Sweat lodge
__ Waterfalls, rivers, sun bathing and forest hiking

Costs :

Stay 9 days with nutritional diet, workshop, transport to and from Brasilia and FoF’s fee.

US$ 850,00
(all inclusive)

It does not include airfare
Extra stay in the community: US$ 35,00 p/day
Expenses out side the community are not charged (hotel, etc.)

You need to bring:
(Bring only the extremely necessary as you will have to carry it yourself )

__ Sleeping bag
__ Flash light & extra batteries
__ Two sheets, towel, shawls or longi
__ Back pack
__ River crossing shoes (water proof)
__ Rain coat
__ Natural-biodegradable products:
shampoo, tooth paste, soap, washing powder, mosquito repellent, etc.
__ Mosquito net
__ Tend for privacy

Reservation and booking for the rituals and the ayahuasca retreat in Brazil must be done in advance as we take a limited number of participants.


For information and bookings for any of those events:

Tel:31(0)20-6905394 or (31)0622-435751 - Fax: 31(0)20 - 6830129 or

All funds collected from membership, workshops and rituals in the Netherlands and other countries are to support Friends of the Forest (FoF) work and projects. All the professionals in FoF's team are working on a voluntary basis up to now.