1 - Friends of the Forest Ecological Center
Need for funds.
To create a center in Holland to operate as Friends of the Forest central office as well as an experimental
therapeutical community. The center will offer rituals with ayahuasca and other entheogens, seminars, study and realization of ecological and environmental projects inside indigenous tribes in the forests of the world, indigenous workshops and exchanges, indigenous and other traditional medicine research and applications, treatments on
an ambulatory basis for drug dependency, depression and other psychological and psychosomatic
disorders as well as for self exploration, consciousness development and
multi-disciplinary studies concerning ayahuasca and other ethno-pharmacological agents & rituals as well as to explore shamanic/indigenous belief systems and healing protocols.

2- Indigenous children support. Atikum, Kaimbé, Truká and other Indian
tribes. North East of Brazil (Those tribes furnish Friends of the Forest with plants for research.)
Supply of food, clothing and school needs.

Tomas and Yatra among the children - Atikum tribe

3 - Project - network Beija-flor
This project unites 7 universities in Europe and South America to research drug dependency treatment through ethno pharmacological agents & rituals (ayahuasca); an interdisciplinary study in the areas of health, medicine, pharmacology, medical anthropology/sociology, etc. Need funds to fulfill the budget: FL.110.000,00.

4 - Project Colibri - Community Céu do Mapiá - Amazon Forest
Project created by the Santo Daime church in Amsterdam Céu da Santa Maria, to attend to the school needs of the children from the community Céu do Mapiá , in the Amazon Forest.

5 - Restitution of Indigenous land - Kaimbé, Tuxás, etc.…
Project created by Friends of the Forest to help ANAI - Associação Nacional de ação Indigenista (Bahia - Brazil) to finance legal support and to remark Indigenous land in the northeast of Brazil.

6- Permaculture in indigenous land - Brazil and other countries.
Many Indigenous traditions suffer from bad nutrition for the lack of diversity of food containing vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. This project will implement the permaculture in the tribes as a source for a healthy up bringing of indigenous children and consequently the survival of indigenous community.

7 - Apiculture in Indigenous tribes - Project to create autonomy and jobs inside the tribes with bee keeping and honey production. This project has been created to complement the project from the Brazilian government that gives classes to teach the indigenous people how to keep bees and to produce honey. Friends of the Forest supplies the tribes with all the material necessary and settles the apiary for the honey production.

All funds collected from FoF’s rituals open to the public are to support FoF’s work and projects.

Friends of the Forest projects executed in the winter 97/98

FoF’s has many projects waiting for funds to be executed. Meanwhile, with the income from the ayahuasca rituals open to the public, FoF has been able to survive, to pay for the telephone bills, internet, rent, mailing, etc. and to execute some projects inside the Indigenous tribes and other communities in the forest.

1- One third of the first experimental drug addiction treatment, free of charges for the homeless.
2- School Material for children - Kaimbé tribe - US$277,86
3- Project Colibri - Santo Daime/ Mapiá - school material -
US$ 500,00
4- Food - Kaimbé tribe - US$822,00
5- Food - Atikum tribe - US$450,00
6- Medical assistance/medicine - Kaimbé tribe - US$377,58
7- Apiculture material - Kaimbé tribe - US$2.699,80
8- Jurema Tradition -church - Atikum tribe - US$1300,00
9- Tractor maintenance - Kaimbé tribe - US$ 110,00

10-One third of the drug addiction treatment free of charges


With many thanks to all who have been collaborating with funds and voluntary work

You can be part of this great work helping us to raise funds to attend to the demands of FoF’s work and projects becoming a member of Friends of the Forest
(submit now) or sending us a donation with the name of the project you would like to help to:

Friends of the Forest
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