Treatment for drug addiction

Psychoactive forest alkaloids

"I have been in the web of addiction for 20 years using heroine and cocaine. It's been almost 5 years now that I am clean and I have never relapsed.
I’ve had all the help I needed from people and institutions before, and nothing did help me, and after a while I would be back again into the drug. This was when I discovered that therapy (I did so many therapies, that I became a therapist myself) or medications fulfill only the time, but not the search, and the addict equals the model of the spiritual searcher, but using the wrong carburetor.
The cathartic and abreactive properties of the drink, cleaned me and brought me to other realms where finally I could recognize many other aspects of self and the threads that were ranging from it. The process was beautiful, with many visits to past lives, and meeting the source that originated the addiction in this life. Coming in connection with that and with other aspects of self, living simultaneously, and symbolically reliving the source of the trauma that brought me to the addiction, I could reach understanding, without words, and meet the divine in me, that I have been searching for so long."


Ayahuasca Therapeutical application:

In therapy, ayahuasca covers the many needs in the different stages of the treatment and face the cure of addiction. It has, among other things, two great properties, cathartic and abreactive. The cathartic property will work not only on the physical level as a detox and cleansing agent, but also on a psychodynamic level. The abreactive property will take the person into a regression to the situation or the source from where the problem or trauma has originated, and symbolically reliving that, gaining understanding through insights into the situation - he or her will be able to free themselves and to reshape the consequent patterns. It opens transpersonal areas, linking perinatal experiences and psychodynamics'' as well as others. The entheogenic property of ayahuasca fulfills peoples innermost search, bridging understanding and healing into oneself.

The addict is a shaman using the wrong carburetor, She/he resembles the model of the spiritual searcher, looking for that place in the soul where she/he cannot be attacked by the turmoil's of life, emotions and society. By linking spirituality in it’s pure form, without a dogma, and experiencing the divine within, the search will be fulfilled, the understanding of the mechanism of the mind will be available and there is no need to use drugs anymore.
The staff working for Friends of the Forest is a very specialized group of professionals including a doctor, a public health practitioner, a psychologist, a psychotherapist, a psychiatric nurse, a therapist, drug researchers, a lawyer, a sociologist, as well as helpers and other voluntary workers who went through their own process with Ayahuasca compounds for a few years, adding knowledge and experience to their skills.

They are highly motivated, intending to carry out this work. All their work is on a voluntary basis up to now, and all funds collected during the rituals open to the public is directed to FoF projects only.
There is a great network of associates in the USA, South America and Europe participating and giving input to FoF researches.

FoF Rescue Program is a new experimental treatment for drug addiction based on the ritualistic use of the ethnopharmacological agent ayahuasca, which has been used for several years in Peru, Brazil and many other countries with considerable statistics of success.
The treatment will include not only the ritualistic use of ayahuasca as a tool for transpersonal therapy, but also medical check ups, behavioral and other therapies, physical and psychological evaluations, indigenous traditional medicine and healing protocols, other natural medicines and vitamins.
All medicines and preparations used for the treatment are natural.

Experimental ambulatory treatment for drug addiction


Friends of the Forest is offering experimental drug addiction treatment on an ambulatory basis for heroine, cocaine, MDMA, alcohol and others.

The treatment takes four months and it costs FL. 3000,00 p/month

FoF is also doing treatments at the moment for the homeless, but with lots of difficulty because of the lack of funds.

People interested in the treatment, should contact Friends of the Forest.